Cities with more visitors in the world


Hi, people I’m a guy from Catalonia (Spain). I’m a fanatic of tourism world, everything is related to travel around the world. Today, to start, I’m going to tell you the cities, with more visitors over the world, in 2014.

First: Hong Kong (Hong kong) with more than 25 million people.

Secondly: Singapore (Singapore) around 22 million people.

Thirdly: Bangkok (Thailand) with 17 million people all year.

Fourthly: London (Great Britian) with almost 17 million.

Fifthly: Paris (France) a little bit more than 15 million visitors.

Sixthly: Macao (Macao) with 14 million people this year.

Seventhly: New York (United States) with almost 12 million people.

Eighthly: Shenzhen (China) whith more than 11 million people.

Ninthly: Kuala Lumpur (Malasya) with 11 million visitors.

Tenthly: Estambul (Turkey) around 10 million visitors last year.


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